What Is Digital Marketing?

Putting it simply, digital marketing is taking marketing online. But of course it is rare something can be that simple and digital marketing is one of those instances where it can be complicated so make sure you choose your digital marketing partner carefully.

Digital marketing should be approached methodically.

Digital Marketing Strategy.

The first step is to discover your digital marketing strategy which is the what can be done phase and the first of this is a fact finding mission where your digital marketing partner meets with you to discover everything about your business including your marketing goals. You may not even know what these are yourself so this is a good way to help you crystallise your thoughts. If you don’t have a plan of what you want to achieve there is little chance you will achieve it.

At this first meeting you should get a good idea of the different digital tools which are at your disposal. These would include such things as posting on social media channels, social media advertising, Google AdWords and so on. Not all of these tools will be suitable for your business so you will need to zero in on those that are.

Digital Marketing Campaign.

Once the digital marketing strategy has been mapped out the digital marketing campaign, which is the what will be done, can be formulated. This will be made up of the digital tools you are going to use for your business, your budget and measurable targets. You can set targets because you have already set goals.

Digital Marketing Attribution.

Marketing attribution has been around since the beginning of commerce. It is the process of attributing an action by a client to a marketing activity which resulted in a result for a business.

For example, a customer walks into a shop and purchases a product. As the shop owner is processing the sale he asks the customer how he came to hear of the shop. The customer says I saw an ad on Facebook which directed me to your website where I found your address and here I am. The sale can be attributed to the Facebook ad. Or in the old days, I saw an ad in the newspaper.

Digital marketing campaigns can run reporting which demonstrates the path of a client to your business. Not only will you see what is working but you will also see what is not. For example, you may have a ten-fold increase in traffic to your website but sales inquiries have not increased. If people are coming to your website but are not buying then you need to look at the calls to action on your website.


So you can fine tune your campaign, the reporting to you must be transparent and easy for you to understand. It is your money you are spending and you want to get the best return on investment you can.

Most reports on digital campaigns are done through Google Analytics which not only don’t necessarily tell the complete picture but can also be overly complicated. They don’t have to be, so make sure your digital partner sets up reports for the layman.

However, Google analytics will not tell you the full story. Spinoff Digital has developed a reporting software which covers all of the digital channels in one report with easy to read graphs on a digital dashboard which updates in real time.

If your digital partner is offering PDF text based reports which you only see on a monthly basis then perhaps you are not getting the information you need to make informed decisions about your campaign.

Finally, how much will it all cost. That is a loaded question but charges are usually made up of three components: setup, digital media spend and a campaign management fee.

All of this can be quite confusing but digital marketing is something all business owners are going to have to participate in and if you are not already putting your business out there online then you need to. Choose yourself a digital marketing partner and get the ball rolling.

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