What is a Google Business Page?

Do you have a Google Business Page?

Well yes you probably do have a Google Business Page even if you have not set one up. Remember it is Google’s aim to collect and index as much information as possible. Google may even go as far as saying they are collecting all information and seeing as you can search pretty much anything this may even be close to the case.

If you have a business and even if you don’t have a website or any social media presence Google probably knows about your business and has collected whatever information it can so when someone is searching for your business or one such as yours you may well come up in the results. This is especially true if a search is entered for a business type in a location such as Pharmacy Perth.

How do you find your business page?

Just search for you business by name. So to find my business page I simply search Spinoff Digital and I can see my business page entry displayed on the right hand side of the results.

You can tell if a business has not claimed their page as under the contact details for the business there will be the phrase; ‘Claim this business’. To claim your business simply click on this link and follow the prompts.

Google Business pages are edited using Google My Business.

You will need to provide proof that you are from the business and you can only claim the business for the suburb or town your business is located in. Google will verify with you that it is your business.

Occasionally business pages are claimed by another business. If someone else has verified your page you need to go to support.google.com to see how to correct this.

Once you have claimed you Google Business Page you will have a better chance of displaying in the suburb search results for your business type.

But does it really matter?

Yes it does. Obviously the more information you provide on the Net the better optimised your business is and the better chance you have of being found.

At the beginning of this post it was mentioned that Google indexes information. This just means once Google has collected information it is placed on its servers in such a way that it can be easily called up and displayed when a matching search is entered. Having your business indexed as accurately as possible counts and your Google Business Page contributes to this.

Google Reviews

Whether or not you have claimed you page you may still have reviews posted to your business page. You can have both good and bad reviews posted even without your knowledge so if for no other reason than this it is a good idea to check out your page and look at your reviews.

See Spinoff Digital’s previous blog post on How To Respond to Online Reviews.

And it’s Free!

Claiming your Google Business Page is something positive you can do today for your online presence and best of all it’s free! Free marketing, now that isn’t something you hear every day.

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