Taking your online startup idea from dream to reality

Getting the idea is the easy part.

The news channels often report on online startups that have made their creators millions of dollars so why not hop on the band wagon, however, getting the idea is the easy part. For every successful idea there are thousands of ideas that never went past the brainstorming stage and even those that did very few of them are successful.

Then there is the overnight success that was ten years, or more, in the making. There is no doubting that Angry Birds was a success with billions of downloads, but it is reported that the developer failed 52 times before hitting on a successful game.

Way before the Internet was even conceived there are stories of iconic business successes that only came to fruition due to the inventors/entrepreneur’s tenacity. Just look the story of KFC or Dyson vacuum cleaners.

Is there a place for dreaming?

Of course there is. Most successful ideas begin as a dream. We all owe a lot to the dreamers in our midst who come up with original ideas and are just crazy enough to believe they could work.

So after the dream the entrepreneur needs to step in, the person who can take the dream and believe in it enough to push through the hard times and keep going when most of us mere mortals would have given up. Keep going until the idea becomes a production reality.

So step three has to be reality. In the end a start-up idea needs to be developed through into production and taken to market. Unless an entrepreneur has really deep pockets or is merely following a whim for their own self gratification a start-up has to make money.

Not all success stories are successful.

It depends on how success is gauged but most would agree success is measured by money in the bank and dividends paid to shareholders.

There are a number of online enterprises we all think of as being part of our daily lives which are international corporations but have they turned a profit? It seems Twitter has only just turned its first profit in its twelve year history. The stories of Uber losing money litter the Internet and depending on how profit is measured just as many stories abound as to if they have or ever will turn a profit. Then there is Amazon, eBay and the list goes on.

All that aside these corporations keep powering on but unless an entrepreneur can rely on generous investors most will need to be more realistic.

Back to your start-up idea

The good news is there are a number of startup organisations and incubators in most Australian capital cities. An online search of these is a good place to begin. You can get advice and benefit from other’s experiences by listening to their stories.

There are also a number of coworking spaces where you can meet and work with like minded people bouncing your ideas off those who have been their and done that while also getting candid opinions. It is about striking the balance between the three headed monster of dreamer, entrepreneur and business realist. And, a monster it is.

Employing a team to bring your idea to reality.

Some startup instigators have the skills to design and code their idea but even if that is you it is most likely you are going to need help.

A wide range of skills are needed including but not limited to designers, programmers, project managers and so on. Then of course the experience of these, and importantly the cost, needs to be taken into account. Many startups turn to outsourcing with some of these engaging offshore companies but this approach is full of pitfalls.

But it is not all doom and gloom.

So where do you turn?

Spinoff Digital has a long standing and diverse history in successfully helping bring online startup ideas from a dream to reality. Past projects include:
Simplio – An application to assist staff in proactive sales and service conversations with clients.
Easivisa – An online immigration application system designed to streamline visa applications
Ear O Tec – A hearing protection service with extensive client record keeping for follow up appointments and tracking

Spinoff Digital currently have four online startups in production. Do you have an idea? Give us a call for a confidential, obligation free chat.

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