What Is Your Browser Of Choice?

If the latest stats are anything to go by its most likely to be Google Chrome which now accounts for over 66% of all users in Australia.

There are always people who are going to stick with the browser they have always used but there is a strong argument to go with the majority and use Chrome. The reason is quite simple in that most web developers will make sure their products, including websites and online systems, work well in Chrome because they know this is the browser most of their clients are using.

Of course any web developer worth their salt will test for all browsers but the fact remains Chrome is king and if an online product is going to work well it will nearly always perform well in Chrome but not necessarily in the less commonly used browsers. It is not uncommon to see a recommendation on a website or web-based system that users will have the best possible user experience in Chrome.

So if you are not using Chrome where does your browser of choice rank? After chrome comes Apple Safari which makes sense seeing as it is the default browser on Apple devices. Next most popular is Firefox and fourthly Internet Explorer & Edge. How far the once mighty Microsoft Internet Explorer has fallen.

Some users will stick with a browser because they believe it is more secure than others. It was a long-held belief that Safari was the most secure browser, well believed by Apple devotees anyway. The truth is all browsers have security vulnerabilities. Rather than considering which browser is more secure it is better to ensure your device security is up to date and online best practice is followed.

Other arguments used to justify browser usage are: which browser is fastest, which is safest, which uses the least memory and so on. They are all have their pros and cons but in the end it really comes down to which is going to give the user the best user experience and that is still going to be Chrome in most cases.

Go with the strength and use Google Chrome.

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