Hosting, Hosting and Hosting.

Hosting is a term which gets bandied around with not enough understanding. To most of us when we think of hosting we immediately think ‘Ah yes, website hosting’. Although you may not be wrong you may not necessarily be right. Let’s start at the beginning. Domain name. If you are starting your own business you know you will need email addresses and probably a website … Continue reading Hosting, Hosting and Hosting.

Some IT Jargon Explained

All industries have their own jargon, those annoying words, phrases and anacronyms that industry insiders dream up as industry specific terms. The web development industry is full of them not to mention the wider IT industry. Of course these are often necessary and can prove extremely useful but when they are more commonly used by those outside an industry they are often misused and confusing. … Continue reading Some IT Jargon Explained

Should you outsource your programming?

Should you outsource your programming? You have a big project or a startup idea you want to get developed but you don’t have your own development team so just how should you go about it. Basically there are four options: Employ your own programmers. Outsource to an onshore (local) programming house. Outsource to an offshore programming house. Outsource to a programming house which manages the … Continue reading Should you outsource your programming?

What does a programmer do?

Firstly, it should be understood that most web development houses will specialise in a specific programming language. The choice of the programming language is important as it should be in common usage, an up to date version should be employed and it needs to be well supported by the developers. For example Spinoff Digital uses .aspx also known as .NET (along with supporting technologies and … Continue reading What does a programmer do?

Do we have any privacy anymore?

With the recent publicity around the data mining of Facebook subscriber personal information most of us would probably say no. There has been a call for people to delete their Facebook accounts, and Elon Musk amongst other high profile people have, but even if you do the data is already stored and has been used many times over to power Facebook’s advertising algorithms. Deleting your … Continue reading Do we have any privacy anymore?

What Makes A Good Website

Both a loaded and a vexed question and the answer of course depends on quite a few variables but here are some general points that can be considered. You can do it yourself There are a number of ‘free’ website building platforms around. ‘Free’ because most will have addons that you need to pay for. Perhaps the best known is WordPress but others include WIX, … Continue reading What Makes A Good Website

Artificial Intelligence: The Good The Bad And The Speculative

What is artificial intelligence – AI? A simple definition is intelligence demonstrated by machines as compared to that of sentient beings, that is, humans and animals. It could well be argued that machines cannot feel therefore they are not sentient, but they can certainly perform quite complex tasks extremely accurately and they can learn from experience. The term robots is often used but these are … Continue reading Artificial Intelligence: The Good The Bad And The Speculative