Do we have any privacy anymore?

With the recent publicity around the data mining of Facebook subscriber personal information most of us would probably say no. There has been a call for people to delete their Facebook accounts, and Elon Musk amongst other high profile people have, but even if you do the data is already stored and has been used many times over to power Facebook’s advertising algorithms. Deleting your … Continue reading Do we have any privacy anymore?

Cyber Safety At Work

Is the cyber threat to your business real? Thankfully many of us are becoming more switched on when it comes to our personal cyber safety with improved password protocols, automated security updates on our computers and a general improved awareness of possible threats. But, when we are at work it seems we let our guard down or perhaps the increase in business attacks is just … Continue reading Cyber Safety At Work

Does Your Website Have An SSL Certificate?

What is an SSL Certificate? An SSL Certificate is a data file which adds an encrypted key to a website offering an extra layer of security which allows for secure connections from a web server (where your website is hosted) to a browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox etc. You can tell if a site has and SSL installed by looking in the address … Continue reading Does Your Website Have An SSL Certificate?